Workshop Information

I have designed these workshops so that they encompass creating artwork from participants of all abilities and walks of life. Group sizes and workshop length will be tailored to work for each situation. Please drop me an email if you’d like to discuss a potential booking.

Out of Africa
Using African artefacts as the source of inspiration the workshop explores the wonderful colours textures and patterns found in these objects. The day consists of drawing using different media, simple printing and dying techniques and finally producing a small finished piece of art work.

Au Natural
Using natural forms as your source of inspiration the day involves exploring the design possibilities of simple natural forms (such as shells and flowers) using a variety of different colouring materials and textured papers and fabrics. Using different simple hand stitches to complete a piece of art work in a day.

Figures Faces and Fabrics
Using figures or faces as the main design source the whole day will be given over to simple design techniques developing these figurative ideas into a finished piece of work. The ideas will be developed using mainly sheer fabrication and the details will be added by drawing with a sewing machine or by simple hand sewing.