Knit&Stitch Show Olympia March 2013

I was invited to exhibit my large Auricular hangings that I had made especially for a summer art exhibition at Calke Abbey a National Trust property in Derbyshire. The two hangings that are shown here are displayed very differently from each other. Both are initially made from the same type of sheer fabrics and machine embroidered. However the large single flower pot is very soft and flowing and made up of layers of sheer fabrics creating the different colours. The other one with many flower pots is made by taking single flower pots and then each is attached by hand to strong plastic netting giving this a more rigid feel and hang.

Textile Life Drawings

I am now studying Life Drawing. This is to help my observational skills and inform my understanding of figures and movement. I have started experimenting with simple shapes and patterns related to the figure and these are my first attempts at producing some textile work. The work is based on my actual life drawing classes and the materials used are all sheer fabrics so that the shapes that overlap make the work more interesting. All the figures are machine embroidered individually and then applied to each other to create interesting negative shapes.

Small Embroidered Figures.

I am developing a new range of machine embroidered small figures that enhance my ideas of memory by looking at the shadows they produce within a contained space. There will be pictures of the actual images and then pictures within certain framing options. The work is based mainly on photographs of people I know. I am trying to get the character of each person, the way they stand, sit, act, and the memory of how they where at that moment in time. Trying to recreate that very precious memory we have of people we love.

Some of the work will be framed in clear perspex frames so that a light shinning on them can be reflected on a background. The new framing idea is within small square frames either white or black but with the figures pinned to a white background within the frame. A light would then be shone onto the frame. All work will be predominately in black machine embroidery to add to the dramatic effect of the images.

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Samples of work featuring studies of Agnes.