Author: Jo Beattie

Out of Africa Workshop at Stirling University

26th – 28th August 2016, Stirling University

It was a joy and a pleasure to join the 1stirling-uni6 members of my group at Stirling University for two days. We experimented with design and printing techniques using African artefacts as our inspiration. The group had an extensive knowledge and skill base and their willingness to embrace new techniques enabled them to produce the exciting, creative and technically very proficient work that you can see below. The whole experience was warm and friendly and was enhanced by the beautiful surroundings and sense of fun that pervaded the workshop.




Success at Ally Pally

It was so exciting to have an exhibition of my own at Alexandra Palace this Oct. I was so nervous but it all went better than I had ever anticipated.
Here are just a few of the comments from my visitors book:-
‘ Glorious Celebration of the every day’
‘Thank you for allowing me to walk through your rainbows’
‘Stunning work a beautiful way of seeing life’
‘Mind shattering! Creative Juices revived at the age of 91’
‘The ‘Playground’ was the most stunning piece in the show, my favorite’
‘Best in Show’
The best exhibition we have seen since 10a.m and we have now been round it all’

Thanks to all that viewed my exhibition for their kind comments and support.

Precious Memories – Wedding Selection

Here are some new ideas for work. Precious Memories relate so much to special occasions that I feel it would be great to create a bank of wedding images old and new.


Cutting the Cake

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Knit&Stitch Show Olympia March 2013

I was invited to exhibit my large Auricular hangings that I had made especially for a summer art exhibition at Calke Abbey a National Trust property in Derbyshire. The two hangings that are shown here are displayed very differently from each other. Both are initially made from the same type of sheer fabrics and machine embroidered. However the large single flower pot is very soft and flowing and made up of layers of sheer fabrics creating the different colours. The other one with many flower pots is made by taking single flower pots and then each is attached by hand to strong plastic netting giving this a more rigid feel and hang.